Memorable Moments at A.G.I.

After 3 months of assisting Zulma in the HR Department this summer, it is time to say goodbye to the interns. Read below what they consider the most memorable part of their experience at AGI. Asma: “The most memorable moment at Aras Global was the first time I met Zulma. The energy Zulma had was […]


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As we celebrate National Interns Day today, take a closer look at the hardworking, motivated, empowering women working in the Human Resources Department this summer! How will this internship prepare you for your future career goals? Asma: This internship will prepare me to become confident and better equipped to become a professional in HR. I […]

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Hello Agi Blog Readers! As you may know, we are always on the hunt to add superstars to our Marketing & Sales department but what about our HR department? Now we can officially say we have added not 1…not 2…but 3 interns!!! Read below what Janaki, Natasha & Mikey had to say!! Janaki Why did […]

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Heroes of Houston

This past Friday (8/25/17) our fellow citizens in Texas were deeply impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  The near 50 inches of rain that dropped this past week has caused unprecedented chaos and a reckless scramble to save lives. Many of us cannot comprehend what is going on right now in Houston. It is always easier to […]

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AGI Promotions!

  What worked for you? Any advice you would give to new team members? Chris- What worked for me was Jones Effect and making it seem like it’s no big deal. I would advise them to not get upset at rude customers and to laugh it off and to not let it ruin their day. […]

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AGI Promotions!

Read about Leticia! What worked for you? What worked for me was working a full day and working my territory correctly. Going back to the people who were interested. Also, keeping a positive attitude throughout the day. What is one takeaway you learned from your training? What I learned from training was how to keep […]

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