What Does It Take To Be A Leader?

While there are many great and successful leaders in the world, there are not many people that exemplify leadership like Cubs manager Joe Maddon. Through his methods and beliefs about leadership, he has proven to be one of the best managers in baseball over the last decade. This includes leading his teams to two World Series appearances in addition to one championship with the Cubs last Fall. Some of these methods he uses are described by Michael Lee Stallard of connectionculture.com. One important lesson to be learned from him is the positivity ratio. Specifically, when having interactions with employees, there has to be a five to one ratio of positive to negative interactions. This is something I strive for every day and something that transforms a standard workplace into a great place to be. Another of his beliefs is that you have to take satisfaction from your work. Why are you working in a profession if it is not making you happy? In my own personal experience, I have found that it is easy to see that the employees who are happy with their jobs are the ones who work harder and are generally more successful employees. He also states that one important aspect of a successful leader is that they concentrate only on what they can control. Even though baseball has different types of unplanned events than most other jobs, the principle is still similar. A leader has to know what they cannot control while also trying to minimize those controllable issues. Overall, while most of us will never be professional baseball managers, there is still a lot to learn from Joe Maddon on how to lead a successful team.

-Steven Greenberg

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