What Should I Do In A Crisis?

It’s a thought that we all have had, especially in times like this. How would I handle a situation where I along with a large group of people around me are in danger? What can I do as a leader to make sure others around me get to safety in the best and most efficient way possible? According to hbr.org, there are a few different tactics a leader can do in times of a crisis to help resolve the situation. One of these tactics is to demonstrate control of the situation. While you can not control the problem from happening, you can control the way that it can be solved. This comes from thinking of ways to guide people to safety or just calming people down so they can think clearly. Another tactic described in the article is to act promptly, not hurriedly. During a crisis, people are already nervous enough about what is going on. By using this tactic, there will be a couple benefits. First off, you will communicate what needs to be done in a clear manner meaning that there will be a greater chance of safety. It will also make others much less nervous than they would have otherwise been. Another tactic that a leader should use in a crisis comes from Gisli Olafsson. He says that a leader always prepares ahead of time for a possible crisis. Whether you are a boss at an office or just out in public somewhere, it is important to always know what you would do if a crisis emerges. Do you agree with these methods listed above? If not, what are some of the different tactics that you would use to handle a crisis successfully? Comment below.

-Steven Greenberg

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