What are the different personality types in the office?

A good leader has to possess many different traits. These include traits like positivity, being responsible, and being resourceful. In terms of working with employees, it also includes being adaptable. All employees have different personalities and it is important to treat these employees in the best way possible that suits them. According to the thenextweb.com, there are certain ways to go about treating these different types of personalities successfully.

One of these personality types is judgers. These are the type of people that like to have a checklist for their tasks. For them, everything has to be part of the plan. The best way to work with them is to assign them tasks that involve strategic planning and project management. In contrast, a personality type that is common is perceivers. These are the type of people who like to keep their options open. They are also the type that is very flexible to different situations. The best way to work with them is to give them more freedom in the office and allow them to make their own choices.

In the office, there will also be a difference in employees in terms of them being a thinker or a feeler. A thinker is someone who relies more on logic and rational arguments when they are trying to make a decision. One problem with the thinkers is that they tend to subdue their emotions. This means it is important for a leader to make sure the employee is happy or not by being direct with them about their feelings. The opposite of this is a feeler. This is someone who uses their emotions and feelings when they are making decisions. They are also people that care greatly about their impact. That is why as a leader, it is important to tell these people they matter and that they are helping the organization.

Do you see yourself in any of these personality traits? Comment below.

-Steven Greenberg




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