How Can I Avoid the Common Managerial Mistakes?


Perfection is something that we have all strived for at one point or another. For some of us, this has come when trying to be the perfect manager. The problem with this goal is that nobody is perfect. We are all going to make mistakes, it’s inevitable. According to, there are certain mistakes that managers are prone to make. There are also certain ways of making sure these issues are avoided.  One of these mistakes is setting unrealistic timescales on projects. A manager needs to have a general idea of how long a project will take along with knowledge of how much effort the certain project will take. If a manager doesn’t know this, it can result in frustrated employees who are doing more work than expected or more difficult work than expected. The best way to avoid this problem involves simply knowing the scope of the project before assigning it to an employee.

Another mistake that managers face very often is a general lack of communication with their employees. This could mean not being clear on what goals you have for employees, if they are working to the desired standards, or if you are not being of support to the problems that they have. One way to avoid these problems related to a lack of communication is to find ways to promote communication. This could mean something like leaving your office door open to give the impression you’re available to talk or even having meetings where employees could express whatever is currently bothering them.

Another mistake that managers commonly make is having poor interpersonal skills with their employees. This could mean problems like having poor problem-solving skills, not being a very good listener, or not making good decisions. While there are many aspects to interpersonal communication, one way to try to avoid these issues is to generally be accepting of criticism. If you become aware that you are weak in one of these areas, spend time and energy to fix it to make it one of your strengths instead. There is always room for improvement.

What are some other mistakes that you see managers commonly make? How would you fix them? comment below.

-Steven Greenberg

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