What to do when morale is down in the office?

There are many reasons why in an organization, morale might be down. It can be due to a loss in sales, someone respected in the company leaving or what I am thinking about today, a baseball team that I like being on a long losing streak. Obviously, environments like this are not healthy for an organization to be successful. According to businessnewsdaily.com, there are certain tactics that can be used in these type of situations.

One tactic is attempting to ease employee stress. Someone who is very good at this is Cubs manager Joe Maddon. When the team is struggling like they are now, he has found ways in the past to ease the stress. This includes having a magic show for the team, bringing in zoo animals, and getting a mime to perform before a game. While these solutions might not be attainable for the average office, the concept still applies. This could mean having a dance party, playing games in the office, and even having an outing somewhere. Just anything to get employees minds off work.

Another tactic that serves as a good way to boost employee morale is to celebrate the milestones they achieve in the office. This includes celebrating when a certain number of sales are met, when individuals are with the company for a certain amount of time, or even celebrating holidays. If an organization is in one of these low points, seeing that success is obtainable and recognized will raise the spirits of others. It will also result in much happier workers

Another tactic that works very well in raising the morale of an organization is to give back to the community through volunteer work. Besides the fact that you are helping to improve the lives of people in need, volunteering works so well in raising morale in the office. The main way it does this is by improving team cohesion by having employees work together on a project. This relates to how important team cohesion is in regards to success. In teams with low morale, that sense of team is lower than in successful teams. This is something that has been constantly proven.

What are some of the ways in which you try and raise the morale of your co-workers? Comment below.

-Steven Greenberg

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