Can Anyone Be a Good Leader?

Why do some people that I know seem to be better leaders than I am? This is a question that has occasionally crossed my mind, especially in college when I am interacting with so many different people in different types of situations. Do these people practice the skills necessary to lead or is it something that these select individuals are born with? According to, there are many factors that determine how well a select individual is at leading. It is a mix of the culture we were raised in, the situations we find ourselves in, along with the desire to adapt your style of leadership to whoever you are leading.

First off, being a successful leader stems from the culture that we are raised in along with learning from the different situations we are put in. In terms of families, this is why it is more common for first borns to be leaders compared to their younger siblings. It is because they were put into a situation where they had power and control over them. They become used to it. We also learn from the different clubs and activities that we are a part of when we are growing up. By constantly observing leaders like our coaches or teachers, we see how leaders typically behave and learn from them on how to act.

According to, inborn traits do play a role in how well we lead. One obvious example is that those with extraverted traits are generally going to have an easier time leading than those who are introverted. It is easier for extroverted people to be more charismatic and dominant which leaders tend to often be. Does this mean if someone is born without these traits, that they can never be a leader? The answer is no. In today’s world, there are so many ways to develop these skills. Ways like watching videos online that teach leadership techniques, workshops, classes to name a few. 

What do you believe? Is leadership more of an inborn trait or a skill we learn over time? Comment below.

-Steven Greenberg



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