What am I supposed to do as a mentor?

Just because someone is an expert at something does not always mean that they know how to teach that particular skill. An example of this is with professional coaches who were previously players in that sport. They know how to play this sport well but they might not be the best at explaining it in a successful way. Reasons for this include a lack of patience because of thinking that the person should understand their task already or just not feeling like not wanting to spend time training others. Thankfully, there are certain methods that work well when trying to be a mentor to others that can be universally used.

According to theundercoverrecruiter.com, there are a few methods that work very well when trying to train others. Most importantly, you have to be invested in whoever you are training. Whoever you are training is a person that is probably nervous enough with their new job along with being someone who is afraid they are going to fail. This means that you have to be patient with their entire training and development process. Another important tactic is to act in the office as who you want them to be. Act as the person around the office that you want them to turn into. Whether this is always having a positive attitude or just being someone that constantly works hard, it is important to show what behavior is expected. Be their role model.

Another method that works well is to make their objectives as clear as possible and make sure that you explain their objectives in the right way. This is done by asking whoever you are training if they understand what they are supposed to accomplish, by asking them to demonstrate a particular skill or by making them recite. Make sure that the training you are giving them is effective and then try and change what you are doing if it not effective.

What are some the best ways for a leader to mentor new employees? Comment below.

-Steven Greenberg

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