How Can Social Media Make Me A Better Leader?

It is very well known how much of a role social media plays in our current society. It connects all our personal lives along with being a major asset in the modern business world. It allows us a way to stay in contact with our friends while also allowing a platform for communication between coworkers. These are just a tiny slice of the benefits that social media possesses. For example, it serves as an important asset to the leaders and managers in an organization. There are so many ways in which people in these positions can use social media to be more successful.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are many ways in which social media can make a leader more successful. One of these ways is by joining a network of other CEO’s through platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. The benefits to this include seeing what methods other leaders are using in their organizations along with the opportunity to get their advice on whether certain executive decisions are the right ones to make.

Another method that the Wall Street Journal recommends is using different websites to help keep your employees focused. For example, you can share on a website like Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter pictures to help motivate your employees. This can be pictures of successful leaders or pictures of people doing a presentation in front of a large crowd. There are also numerous other websites where you can share different goals that you have for the organization and for specific employees.

Lastly, another way in which the Wall Street Journal recommends a leader can be more successful through social media is by being more creative with communication methods. This includes recording and uploading speeches that you make to Youtube. It also includes methods like tweeting “read this” emails instead of simply sending a boring email to your employees. It comes down to thinking outside of the box and finding a way to communicate in ways that have that little extra spark.

What are some other ways in which social media can help a leader become more successful?

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