What can I do to lead a great meeting?

We have all been there, either leading a meeting where no one is listening or being a part of one of these meetings. It’s inevitable. Luckily, there are ways in which this type of problem can be prevented. According to book2meet.com, there are many ways to plan a meeting can that result in much more productivity.

First off, one of these methods is to define clear goals for the particular meeting. This means that right when the meeting starts, define what the goals of the meeting are and what needs to be accomplished. Employees like to know what they are at the meeting for and what they should be gaining from it. If this does not happen, employees could feel like it is a waste of time to attend.

Another important tactic is if viable to vary where the meetings are located. It gets repetitive to have the meetings in the same place every single time. Employees start to focus less and generally become less productive. Try to have meetings in the different part of the office or somewhere like a private room in a restaurant. Just anywhere to get some type of variety.

Is it also very important to avoid only one-way conversations throughout the meeting. One way of doing this is by requiring employees to ask questions. If there is this requirement, it will make everyone listen more and stop the monotony of only listening to one person talk. The more interaction the better.

Lastly, an important method for making sure your meetings are great is to invite carefully. Make sure that whatever you are presenting is relevant to everyone in the room. If this does not happen, it can result in negative effects. For example, it can serve as a distraction when the person next to you is sitting on their phone or talking during the meeting. That is why everyone in the meeting has to have a purpose there.

What are some the ways in you make your meetings a better experience? Comment below?

-Steven Greenberg


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