Heroes of Houston

This past Friday (8/25/17) our fellow citizens in Texas were deeply impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  The near 50 inches of rain that dropped this past week has caused unprecedented chaos and a reckless scramble to save lives. Many of us cannot comprehend what is going on right now in Houston. It is always easier to say something when not present at the scene. However, our hearts truly go out for those that suffered the effects of the storm.

Especially in our technologically driven age, our perception of events not local to us are purely virtual. However, it is also through technology and the content it produces that we find hope and are encouraged that the relief and recovery will be even stronger. There are now a plethora of images and videos of citizens rising to the occasion helping their local counterparts out. Those “regular” people are the ones making the difference whether it is helping someone escape a building or even rescuing pets. No effort is wasted.- Mikey C

My heart is touch in every single way to know that there people going above and beyond there call. For me, personally because I have family member living in Texas. If I’m not there to help and would hope someone would do small or larger act of kindness for them. In time that are hard we all should lean on each other.

It show no matter who we are or where we are in world we can help. Be kind of to one another in one time of need. It is us in everyday clothes that are the true hero. So my hat is off to stepping up to plate and helping. Texas is place beautiful and the people.  A great artist  once said that ” Lean on me, when you’re not strong And I’ll be your friend” by Bill Withers- Natasha M


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