Shift to millennial culture? The importance of the work environment

It’s 2017 and the times are changing. The heavy influx of millennials in the workforce has come with some strings: the millennial culture. The idea of being ‘hip’ and modern are essential components of this young generation. How does this translate to the working world?

The work culture is an essential facet of the business model. It’s a changing element in the business world as seen through various start-ups and young companies.  I’ve heard of start-ups having beer on tap as a means of staying young and relevant. Other examples are changing the ambiance to match a more ‘hipster’ or instagram-fitting vibe or having movies/shows playing as you walk in. The list goes on and on. But do these really trump the traditional business/work environment? It’s a matter of time before we see what really works and what doesn’t, but it is something to keep in mind and to be updated with.

While perhaps not for all businesses, this is an important question to ask for those trying to start a company or grow a young one. How do you create a culture that is work-focused and efficient, yet plays into the favor of the current generation and their fast-paced, hype-driven norms? And for those companies that have not had to change their work environment… what is it that works? Is it about creating a certain vibe or is it about bringing the right values and work ethic? Either way, the future is coming and it is young!



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