Memorable Moments at A.G.I.

After 3 months of assisting Zulma in the HR Department this summer, it is time to say goodbye to the interns. Read below what they consider the most memorable part of their experience at AGI.

Asma: “The most memorable moment at Aras Global was the first time I met Zulma. The energy Zulma had was incredible, and every day I see her with the same energy. The opportunity I had at Aras would not have been possible without her. She’s a great mentor and I learned a lot from her and hope to learn more in the future.”

Bianca: “One of the most memorable moments I have had is the first time I ever booked someone for an interview. I was nervous because I tried to not rely so much on my notes, but it turned out great in the end! Keeping the person engaged in the conversation, interested, and receptive was a very rewarding experience. It definitely helped boost my confidence in recruiting for the week.”

Larisha “My most memorable moment while interning at A.G.I. was when I got treated to lunch for good performance! This was a very proud moment for me because it felt good to be acknowledged for my hard work and accomplishments!”


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